On February 23rd to commemorate the 1952 Festival of Britain there will be a pre-film buffet social at 7pm before the film The Happy Family (1952) Tickets for the buffet are £5 and must be booked in advance from Clements Hall - doors re open at 7.45pm for the film

This Spring our programming reflects on the 100 years which have passed since suffrage was first granted to women in Britain. The varied films take us around the world, covering a wide range of genres but having one thing in common ; they show the importance of equality and inspire us to unite behind ‘ Votes for Women ‘ !!
9th February - ‘The Circle’
(original title - Dayereh) (2000)

Taking the Golden Lion at Venice, The Circle tells the story of various women struggling to function in the oppressively sexist society of contemporary Iran and the realities of life there at the turn of the millennium. Its understated direction and performances heighten rather than lessen the emotional impact of what we see of these marginalised women’s lives